do you like lists?

i do.

i also like NPR, and when i Googled “why do people love making lists?” i found an NPR article entitled: “10 Reasons Why We Love Making Lists”.
perfect., if you’re interested.

while driving bread car around this morning i was pondering what to write for this afternoon’s post. something about childhood? cooking your own soup? playing music with a loved one? i realized i was making a List of Potential Post Ideas in my head and it came to me as easily as toast and butter make magic: a post about lists! for the next week, i will write a post every day about a fun, serious, searching, whimsical, or invigorating list you could write. i love lists because i love the feel of writing, the organization, and the gentle accountability a list can hold you to.

a real list.

your first list assignment!
write down a week’s worth of kind things you can do for yourself. they can be tiny or significant. don’t be afraid to treat yourself extremely well.

my list for this week.
tuesday: paint my nails bright pink
wednesday: make myself French toast and take myself out to coffee
thursday: wake up early to journal and stretch before work
friday: make a pumpkin pie from scratch
saturday: have some time with tea
sunday: go for a run in the park
monday: have a crafternoon

stay tuned for more lists. enjoy what could be the most organized week of your life.

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