accepting yourself leads to change

one of my heroes is Cheri Huber. have you heard of her, read her books? i first heard of her when a friend picked up her book There Is Nothing Wrong With You: Going Beyond Self Hate. Cheri is a Soto Zen teacher and the founder of Zen Monastery Peace Center in Murphys, California. she is also the author of an impressive list of gentle, healing books on meditation and overcoming self-hate and negative patterns.

doesn’t she seem nice?

this morning i got up after my boyfriend left to have a peaceful breakfast of French toast, one of my favorites. while listening to classical guitar on the radio, also one of my favorites, i cracked open Huber’s Transform Your Life: A Year of Awareness Practice. the reader first sees a quote.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. – Carl Rogers

following the quote is an “assignment”. i was pleased to see that her assignment for the day was to: “…recall examples of this fact from your own life [the fact of change through acceptance]. Make a list.”

a list! ahh, perfect. a perfect idea for my second day of list ideas. a little more challenging than yesterday’s, but an excellent, encouraging topic. here’s my start:

how acceptance has brought change
1. accepting that i need to leave my job, then hearing of an offer for another the next day
2. fully accepting that i’m frustrated during this meditation or that meditation, followed by greater mental peace
3. (learning to) accept my body as it is, its bumps and lumps and hairs, only to take better care of it
4. accepting that my relationship is as it is, only to have it blossom into something more beautiful

your thoughts or ideas? are you enjoying making lists? stay tuned for thursday’s.

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