a revealing list for friday

this is one of my favorite lists. i wrote my first of this list type when embarking on my Artist’s Way journey last March, so credit due to Ms. Cameron.

do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to do things you really enjoy doing? is this question a gross understatement? i challenge you to put aside the five or sixteen things you are doing right now, get out an old junk mail envelope (my scratch paper of choice) and write down the following: 10-20 activities you really enjoy doing. they don’t have to be things you enjoy doing by yourself, but try to think of things that really nourish and excite you. mind, body and soul. next, write the approximate (or exact date, if you know it) of the last time you engaged in that activity. observe your satisfaction as well as your disappointment or renewed sense of urgency in engaging in some good, much-needed self-time.

example list? you got it.

sara’s five favorite activities…and the last time she did them.
1. bike ride (15 minutes ago…to work this morning…a fun ride last Saturday with Elizabeth…)
2. dinner with the ladies (two weeks ago exactly)
3. yoga followed by ladies’ night at Wellsprings (almost three weeks ago)
4. making a delish, fattening, meaty breakfast with Henry (Monday)
5. going to Chena River cabin with friends (summer 2011…eek)

looks like my cabin time with my favorite women needs a little boost…but as far as my favorite Ashland activities it looks like i’m doing pretty good. are you making some time for your favorite activities? this list exercise is a great way to prioritize and get you moving if you’ve been putting some of your favorite things on the back burner. bring those lovely ideas up to the front and turn the heat up high!

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