feelin’ right and feelin’ wrong

hello fellow list-lovers!

most, if not all, of the lists i’ve given over the past few days have been ideas i’ve borrowed from strong, smart women who i look up to greatly. but today’s list will be one of my own making.

last week i was feeling a little lost, a little unsure, a little like i was drowning in thought and reaction. i saw my purple notebook lying there helpfully. i turned it landscape orientation and made two columns: Things That Feel Right in My Life and Things That Feel Wrong in My Life. i just started honestly listing. i was pleased to see that many things were feeling “right” in my life: my job, playing with the symphony, my friends (here, in Alaska, around the world), etc. however, my “wrong” list was nearly equally long, including (but not limited to): how much i stress, how i don’t treat everyone with equal kindness, eating to assuage anxiety, etc. i later added a “neutral” list of things that were nudging at me but i couldn’t tell at the time if they were so black and white as right and wrong.

this list was helpful because it served to visualize what is bugging me while at the same time allowing me to remember all the good in my life. what i do with my fresh knowledge is now up to me.

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