a simple list, conceived and written an hour before leaving the house

i have a symphony concert tonight, and thus do not have much time to write, but i’m fulfilling my list promise and that feels right.

when was the last time you bought something for yourself? something frivolous and wonderful and probably too expensive. something besides jeans because you-just-needed-another-pair. tonight, make a list of items you would like to buy yourself, a list of gifts you would like to treat yourself to. watch if any feelings of guilt or “this-is-too-expensive” pop up. maybe a four-item list, one gift per week for a month. women need to pamper themselves so we don’t need to wait for others to get the hint!

sara’s list of gifts for the next month
1. a big canvas and paintbrushes
2. solo dinner with wine
3. a big bouquet of flowers
4. a new, fun hat

i’m sure i’ll internally moan and groan about the money, but i’ll try my best to enjoy my gifts, as i hope you do the same. have a wonderful weekend.

p.s. did not post yesterday…more coming your way for Sunday!

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