the alternate lives of your dreams

this is a fun list exercise; a nice, simple idea for a Sunday evening. this idea was inspired by The Artist’s Way, like many of my creative ideas. i still have my lists from when i completed the 12-week creativity program in 2012.

by now you may be wondering what “my” fabulous idea is.

Julia has you write down five alternate lives. they can be anything and everything: astronaut, professional dumpster diver, christmas tree cultivator…be imaginative, and definitely don’t hold back.

i was a zipline guide once…

after your list is made, write down ideas as to how you could make these alternate lives/professions come true. or at least bring aspects of those lives into your current life.

sara’s first list of alternate lives
1. a deep sea diver – i could get in the pool with Frankie
2. a ballerina – i could try a dance class with or without E
3. a gorilla/chimpanzee researcher – i could read a book about/by Jane Goodall
4. a midwife – i could go see new babies at the hospital or interview a midwife
5. a violin maker – i could go to the shop with Morgan

what would your alternate lives be? in my next list for TAW, i included “baker of bread” and soon thereafter landed a job delivering delicious bread for a local, family-owned bakery. intentions are powerful things. happy Sunday.

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