an intentional list

good morning (or evening),

early in the morning for bakery girl. i thought of a list idea that i started doing at the end of 2011. in the morning, when you wake up, write your intentions for the day.


1. a determination to act in a certain way

2. import; significance

3. a process or manner of healing of incised wounds

wow, that last one is interesting (Merriam-Webster, by the way). i didn’t know that “intention” had that alternate meaning, but it seems to lend a stronger case for the efficacy of stating your intentions to perhaps heal (emotional) wounds.

gentle intentions. intentions that you would love to follow (perhaps endlessly and seamlessly for the rest of your life) but for which you must have the patience to forget or decide otherwise. investigate and notice how these intention lists may help you.

sara’s intentions for Tuesday
1. exercise (bike ride)
2. visit and give love to E
3. stay focused at work (coffee will help)
4. eat mindfully and gratefully and intelligently
5. move on from recent, past events and into the glorious, Tuesday present
6. gently push aside your Inner Critic

ahh. i feel my wounds healing already.

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