The Perfect Triple C

Good Wednesday,

In all the ideas I’ve shared so far on my baby blog, I haven’t yet shared a recipe. I like cooking all right, your standard dinners and such, but what really gets me going is baking. Maybe because baking isn’t a requirement quite like putting lasagna on the table at 7:00, or making it’s because of the delicious smells emanating from your slightly-wonky apartment oven, but it’s probably the warm cookie(s) that you finally bite into, accompanied by your milk of choice (bovine, nut, coco, seed, what have you…)

And if you live with only one other, and that other doesn’t like the temptation of entire batch of cookies in a Nancy’s yogurt container waiting to be enjoyed, then freeze half the dough and bake a couple in the toaster oven at midnight after too much wine and eat them on the floor off a paper towel. Just an idea.

Why share a recipe? A cookie recipe? Because baking your own treats feels more satisfying than sweet buying. And it’s good for women to eat cookies, because they make you happy.


Remember when “eating a cookie” was fun?

Here it is, my favorite choc chip cook recipe:
The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies…EVER!

Thanks to Jennie at Messy Baker Blog for keeping a woman satisfied. Happy baking!

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  1. I love cookies. I can pass up a candy dish with ease, I cannot pass up a plate of cookies. I am going to give the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to Grandma to test out the “best” theory.

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