Versatile Blogger Award

Last week, Julie Green nominated my little blog for the VBA! Thank you Julie. Much appreciated and grateful for your words and ideas. And art!

As required, seven things about me:

1. Classical violinist
2. When I was young I only read James and the Giant Peach
3. Chocolate chip cookies please
4. I was once a three-year-old skier
5. I use vinegar to clean the toilet
6. Freckles on my bum
7. I’ve peed on top of Mount Shasta


Now, my nominations for 15 totally rad blogs:
1. Books Outside the Box
2. Alaska Zipline Adventures
3. Rollie Williams
4. The Positivity Project
5. An Afternoon With…
6. the poet’s billow
7. Gallery32 Photography
8. Suddenly they all died. The end.
10. Svakodnevne Fotografije Iz Komize
11. project chula
12. sage and paperclip
13. Sophieshots
14. girl in the hat
15. little dutch wife

Whew! Thank you to the VBA for forcing me to explore awesome blogs. Until next time.

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