Women Enjoying Beer

Do you enjoy beer as much as I do?

My love of fine beer began the day after I turned 21…the day after I realized the effects of consuming not-so-fine beer. I was at my favorite gourmet supermarket, perusing the beer cooler, and my hands went out to this:

The beginning of a wonderful journey…

My awareness of ideas like “independent” and “microbrew” and “craft beer” was just beginning to blossom, and while I’ve enjoyed many, many fine beers around the world, I’ll never forget my first.

Enjoyed in moderation (at least, your best attempts at moderation), beer is a wonderful thing for women. It is delicious, compliments tasty food, and is a way to come together with other beer lovers, men and women alike. Microbreweries are the fastest growing sector of the beer industry, expanding from eight in 1980 to 537 in 1994 to over 1600 in 2010! With craft beer, of course, you pay for what you get. Feeling thirsty and short on cash? Homebrewing is an inexpensive and rewarding route to enjoying fine brews. Unfortunately, many beer companies advertise women enjoying yellow, fizzy, tasteless beer that is “light” and “low in calories.” Who cares about calories when you’re so happy drinking delicious beer made with intelligence, high-quality ingredients, and love?

Ginger Johnson wants to change women’s attitudes in regards to beer. Her brainchild, Women Enjoying Beer, is an excellent resource for women interested in learning about and enjoying craft beer. She hosts awesome events like Swig ‘n Stitch, where you can learn to sew while drinking beer, and helps professional beer community members successfully and accurately market to women. Finally, Ginger lives in Ashland, home to a few good microbreweries, and has a weekly show on KSKQ.org, Wednesdays from 5-6 pm PST. So cool. Drink a beer to Ginger this weekend!

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