Una Vida Abierta

Revolution in the harmony of form and color, and everything exists and moves under a single law: life. Nobody is apart from anybody else. Nobody struggles by him or herself. All is all and also one. Pain and anguish and pleasure and death are only a process for existing. Revolutionary struggle in this process is an open door to intelligence. – from Frida’s diary, collected by Raquel Tibol in Frida Kahlo: An Open Life

I was browsing the incredible book selection at my friend Elizabeth’s house and found a slim biography on Frida Kahlo, one of my favorite women/artists. Magdalena Carmen Freida Kahlo y Calderón was born in 1907 and lived a life of both incredible succulence and incredible physical torment until her death at the age of 47. Her paintings are often haunting, disturbing, but so very real that it’s hard to turn one’s gaze away to a gentler, fuzzier reality. Maybe that’s what always draws me to learn about Frida: she was so incredibly authentic, holding nothing back and pouring everything out, into her paintings, her marriage, her beliefs. I suppose I strongly strive for the same.



  1. FK was an amazing woman and artist – the film about her (Selma Hayek plays Frieda) is very good and I feel true to her life and personality, particularly in regards to her tumultuous marriage. She was a survivor in the truest sense of the word and I too greatly admire her for her strength and artistic talent.

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