I dream of a day when all women forgive themselves for trying to live within boxes.

How do you try to “box” your life? How do your nagging fingers of control wrap around your day-to-day to-do’s? Food obsession? Rigid planning? Staying home because it’s “safe”? Not speaking/acting your truth? Believing your doubting inner voice?

Observe your boxes and relax their edges. Dare to live outside of your boxes. Come breathe the fresh air.

20130403-161809.jpgJoin me on top of the world!

I lived within boxes for years of my life. Challenging myself to expand my life without excessive planning and safety nets is exhilarating…and scary. I still have my boxes, but the walls are wearing thin, the edges crumpling. Don’t use the seeming impossibility of completely relaxing as an excuse.

A question: how does a woman take care of herself without control over her situation? Happy learning.

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