Baking to Recover Abundance

Yesterday was an incredibly Lazy Sunday, one of those Sundays where watching old Julia Roberts movies in bed at 3:00 sounds like a wonderful idea. Especially if there is ice cream nearby and thoughts of a bath in the near future. Lazy Sundays have also always called me to the kitchen, where flour, sugar, baking sheets, and a preheated oven can make magic.

Yesterday’s endeavor was lemon poppy seed muffins with a simple glaze.


Besides filling the house with delish smells and making a sweet treat for yourself and others, baking is fulfilling and enjoyable. From The Artist’s Way, in Week 6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance, Julia suggests to:’

Bake something. Creativity does not have to always involve capital-A art. Very often, the act of cooking something can help you cook up something in another creative mode. When I am stymied as a writer, I make soups and pies.

Let the creativity flow! Keep those homemade goodies by your side as you happily paint, craft, make music, or whatever your heart desires.

Here’s that recipe that turned out so famously well (thank you picky cook):

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