Sunday Series presents: Lady Mechanic

This is the first post of an ongoing series of tales of extraordinary women. Brought to you every Sunday by PAFW.

After hearing this story on NPR a few weeks ago I was inspired to share stories of women who, against the odds, are taking their lives by the reins and paving the way for themselves and other women to follow their dreams. Even if that dream is to be a lady car mechanic in Nigeria.

The founder of the Lady Mechanic Initiative is a woman named Sandra Aguebor-Ekperuoh. Sandra was inspired to enter this traditionally male-dominated field after a dream where Jesus trained her to fix cars. She reminisces that the first time she saw oil dripping out of an engine at a mechanic’s shop, she fell in love. She said it was as if “the engineering world has welcomed me and my spirit has accepted that it is what I want to do.”

Sandra can now proudly boast that not one garage in the country doesn’t lack at least one female mechanic and that she’s trained them all. Sex-trade workers, disadvantaged women, and those just excited about car mechanics come to Sandra to learn the trade and empower themselves through meaningful employment and the support of other inspired women, especially in the faces of disapproving or skeptical men. A beautiful example of the power one aspiring individual can have on the women of her country.

Read the full story here:

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