A Few Words on Therapy, by SARK

I keep Succulent Wild Women by SARK in my bathroom for a quick glance or a bathtub session. I flipped open to a random page this afternoon and was delighted at my find: “Therapy”. I’d like to share her words with you.

Women are receptive to therapy, I think, because of their attention to the emotional aspects and need to be heard. I’m always amazed when women don’t try, or haven’t tried, therapy. Who else will listen so raptly to you?

There is still a stigma about “going to therapy”, as though there is something wrong with you, or it is self-indulgent to pay someone to help you with psychological work. Yet we pay our car mechanics, our gynecologists, or gardeners. This is curious. What is more important than our psychological health?

I watch women repeating patterns, acting unconsciously, or lost in depression and wonder why they don’t seek help. Often women will say, “I don’t know any good therapists”.

Perhaps not, but other women do. Ask them. Therapy can be the acceleration out of a stagnant pattern, the support needed for an important change, the guidance for rebuilding self-esteem.

Friends can also provide some of these things, but it’s not their profession. A dedicated therapist’s only professional purpose is your psychological health.

We contain so much as women. We are so complex, stuffed full of feelings, memories, half-truths, denials, hopes, and yearnings.

We deserve to be fully alive psychologically!


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