Thirty-Day Challenge: The Follow-Up

On June 3rd I decided to attempt something I had never attempted before: to practice violin every day, 20 minutes a day, for thirty days. How did I do? Well, I didn’t meet my goal. I was out of town for five days, staying with friends and camping. It didn’t seem feasible to bring along my beautiful, delicate violin on the journey, so I didn’t. There was also one day when I wasn’t home for literally more than 10 minutes, so that day was a no-practice day as well. Looking at it positively, however, I practiced twenty-five days out of one month, totaling at least 500 minutes (probably 400 minutes more than I would have practiced otherwise)! What a feat!

How did I feel? I felt awesome: comfortable on my instrument, proud of my accomplishment, and able to enjoy the time to sit with my instrument every day. It also brought a new opportunity into my life: a folk band that needed a fiddler (Patchy Sanders)! They snagged me at the right time, too. The best part? The challenge has been an impetus to play even after the 3rd of July. What small change could you make over thirty days?

You can read about my Thirty-Day Challenge here:


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