Tech-Free Sundays

Hi readers!

I know I’ve been a bit absent lately, not investing as much into my Postive Project as much as I would like to. Excuses? No time for those. I was playing around with some old posts and pages and remembered something I would like to share with my wonderful online audience. Last Saturday I came home exhausted, both ends of the proverbial candle burned to a stump. I had a revelation: I would go a full 24 hours without my phone (an iPhone, which is all the worse), Internet, or computer. I don’t think I had voluntarily done this since I was sixteen and received my first cell phone. I was excited.

In a word, the day was excellent. In another word, it was productive. And, in a final thought, it was inspiring. I spent the day focusing on all my favorite activities sans electronic distractions: making and eating delicious yummy food, biking and hiking, napping, writing, and connecting with my community in a fresh and spontaneous way. I also organized my storage space and dyed my hair with some long lost henna! I fell asleep refreshed and full of Sara pride. My day of absintence kept me mindful for the rest of the week and inspired another tech-free day yesterday, a day full of swimming, fresh local eggs, sending friends homemade cards, making a fresh batch of kombucha, and mending leggings with fun patches.

I have nothing against technology. I love being fun and playful with it. However, it goes without saying that it can consume our lives. Can you give it up for a day? What do you think you would get done and experience?


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