Beautiful Morning Mind

What inspired you to get up this morning?

This could be anything, anything you view as positive or negative. Neutral, mundane, repetitive. Exhilarating, toe-curling, delicious.

I’m definitely an “I gotta get up and do A, B, and C and then I’ll head on over to D and pick up E and say hi to F, so I better get up so I can get G done” kind of person. But recently I’ve been experimenting with a softer morning: relax into my get-up-and-go-ness, listen to the quiet surprise of rain in a dry dusty place, muse about breakfast, and pick up the book I laid next to me as I fell asleep the night before. I try to view five minutes of relaxation as a glorious achievement. I have a goal to shift my rise-up inspiration to be something a little slower and more unctuous, a word a yoga instructor used in her class last week. A word that means smooth and oily and flexible. More feminine and flow-y and less masculine and directed.

My inspiration to get out of bed this morning was the excitement to discover what I hadn’t yet planned.

Have a great day.

20130825-104723.jpgUnctuous cows

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