Diet Plan

Diet Plan

Strive for the ripest tomato.
Eat the sunshine.
Cup your hands in bowls of the loveliest grains;
smile to your spoon.

Play exotic with spices,
wax poetic with beans.
Delicacies are gifts to your own personal delight.

Disappear fear!
Eat an ear
of explosive sweet corn.
When unsure where to turn
make a soup of whatever you’ve got
in a pot;
friends of cheese and bread.

Eat until you’re bursting
or stop when you’re medium;
lack of gratitude is all that is of true concern.

Sip sweet goat milk,
mash soft brownie
with pearly white crushers.
Share with a friend
and hide a bit for later.

Learn to live
with your physical change of personal scenery.
Choose friends and lovers
who appreciate softness.

Eat with love
and you’re always right.


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