Pursuing Musical Dreams

I am a musician.

I certainly could have written that at any time since the tender age of seven, the year I first started taking private violin lessons. My dad would take me once a week for a half hour to my sweet teacher’s house where I would learn to hold my “violin” (really a cardboard box with a ruler stuck in the end) and play with my “bow” (a dowel) while standing on a piece of plastic with a hand-drawn chart dictating where my feet should rest while I “played”. I loved my early childhood lessons.

Music became more difficult for me to continue pursuing once I reached middle-school age. It was simply something I did sometimes, not a part of who I was. “Musician” crept its way into my identity slowly, picking up speed in college and more recently erupting into a nearly all-encompassing takeover of Sara.

My more dedicated readers may remember my 30-Day Challenge, when I challenged myself to practice violin every single day for at least 20 minutes. It was during that period that I met Patchy Sanders, of which I am now a part of. For a few months we tested the waters with the addition of a classically-trained violinist in a folksy band. After our November northern California tour, however, the existing band members voted to keep me in the band. Since then I’ve worked hard to explore the more spontaneous, gritty, loose world of fiddling. It hasn’t been easy: I’ve cried, I’ve avoided my instrument, I’ve been frustrated into silence during band practice. But I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere…somewhere a little more free, a little more me. My classical playing has benefited as well: more emotion and passion.

On Saturday I quit my job at the bakery to pursue this band. I don’t know how I’ll make enough money, but I have a strong feeling that it will just happen. For the first time in my life I will be supporting myself wholly through music. Let the adventure begin!


  1. Greetings from the professor! Good Luck to you! These decisions in life can be unnerving; but don’t let it! Call on your Punchyish nature and have fun! You do have that ability don’t you?

  2. Yeah!!! let the adventure begin and continue!!

    i love that you met Patchy in that 30 day… i think there is true magic in doing something daily 🙂 i’ve felt it in my own insides shift….. and then the world creates magic that is inline with the intention for the 30 days! so cool 🙂

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