When the road becomes home

In many ways I’m pursuing a lifestyle I never could have imagined when I was eighteen or five or ten years old. From the way I dress to how I communicate to what I eat to where I live…all this is a sparkling new undertaking that was generally not shown to me as a young girl by my parents, peers, teachers, or other role models. I feel like a pioneer, merging my path with the thousands of people I meet throughout my life, and picking and choosing what suits me.

I drove back to Ashland nearly a year ago after dropping off Henry in Seattle for his flight to Thailand for the summer. The next day I busked at the farmers market and was approached by members of my band, Patchy Sanders, with smiles, a business card, and an EP. Since that June I have been on the most miraculous journey of my life, expanding under the experiences and places and people presented to me. Rarely have I felt so challenged and gifted!


Lately, and for much of the upcoming spring, summer, and fall, the road has become and will become home. The hum of the tires on I-5, the increasingly dirty clothes in my bag becoming a jumbled wad, my shampoo soaking everything in my little self care bag, the long conversations on business and love and music and friendships and hardships, the moment when everything comes together and we take our first collective breath before our first note is played, this is becoming my home. My vacation is when I’m in Ashland with my honey, eating chocolate in bed and enjoying my own sheets. This summer will certainly be unprecedented in my life! I can’t wait to take it on head first!


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