Today my new life began

I wrote this on December 15, 2014, when I was home in Alaska. This evening felt pivotal and important, an important transition from one relationship to another. I believe strongly in the power of intention through the written word.

The Frida photograph ends this entry because she mysteriously inspires me, always.

Today my new life began. I walk in beauty and trust, not fear and doubt. I believe I am worthy and that others desire a relationship with me. My beauty originates in my heart, not my mind or body. Heart to mind to body, in that order. My days are meaningful because I believe them to be so. My nights are peaceful because I expect them to be so. I bring happiness and peace to all who encounter me, and I choose my words and actions carefully.

I will become a drawing artist of pen and ink, learning to draw bodies and thus heal myself.



  1. When I first saw the image of Frieda I honestly thought it was you for a minute or two . . . Resemblance is amazing

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