Becoming a slave

When love becomes attachment, it becomes a burden, a bondage. But why does love become an attachment? The first thing to be understood is that if love becomes an attachment, you were just in an illusion that it was love. You were just fooling yourself and thinking that this was love. Really, you were in need of attachment. And if you go still deeper, you will find that you were also in need of becoming a slave.


There is a subtle fear of freedom, and everyone wants to be a slave. Everyone, of course, talks about freedom, but no one has the courage to be really free because when you are really free you are alone. If you have the courage to be alone, then only can you be free.

– from Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships, by Osho


  1. When you love something, you want to hold it. Loving purely means you want what’s best for what/who you love, regardless of if you are holding it/them or not. But a basic, human form of love demands attachment, like a little kid screaming for the arms of his mother.

  2. Mercy, that’s a very good point. We grow with strong attachments to our parents, and as we age we have the opportunity to relax that attachment when we see it isn’t serving us as it used to. I believe we can also be attached with awareness. Attachment can get us into trouble because it can be so blind.

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