Tom Robbins

Tom Robbins is a man who is a lover of women. Anyone who has read his novels, short stories, or poems will have been hit with a good dose of feminine adorative diction. True womanly adoration, celebrating all of the charming imperfections and intricacies that every woman carries. Tom Robbin’s fictitious women are juicy, succulent, powerful, mysterious, deep, and earthy. That’s why I like to quote him on this lady-centered online musement of mine. Besides, I believe he is a living genius. I soak up his strange descriptions and tangled tangents with aplomb.

From Jitterbug Perfume, one of the finest works of fiction I’ve ever read.

There is plenty of misery in the world, all right, but there is ample pleasure, as well. If a person forswears pleasure in order to avoid misery, what has he gained?…How can you admire a human who consciously embraces the bland, the mediocre, and the safe rather than risk the suffering that disappointments can bring?…If desire causes suffering, it may be because we do not desire wisely, or that we are inexpert at obtaining what we desire…why not get better at fulfilling desire? I cannot believe that the most delicious things were placed here merely to test us, to tempt us, to make it the more difficult for us to achieve the grand prize – they safety of the void. To fashion of life such a petty game is unworthy of both men and gods.

Mmm. Beets.


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