A Week in the You-Pee & The Mitten.

Life is sweet as honey in Ann Arbor, Michigan. While the Pynins spend time with Huggy Bear and Carrie in Grand Rapids, Danjacquiandsara fell into a lovely couch surfing situation with Beth and Max and their kitty Luna near downtown Ann Arbor. Last eve was spent making dinner, sharing our most memorable tour stories (Jesus John and the Tiger Posters, ol’ Red Eye Drew in Missoula, the Hanging Undies Closet Experience, etc.), and drinking one beer apiece before cozying up in Beth and Max’s guest bedroom.

Michigan has been an experience.

First off, the Great Lakes are simply incredible. Freshwater oceans in the middle of our continent! Dan nudey swam in Lake Michigan in the rain right off the highway. Experiencing the lakes is brand new for Danjacquiandsara and he/she is still feeling breathlessly inspired by the beauty and breadth.

We experienced our most difficult shows so far this tour. The standard elements: low attendance, disorganization, incredibly late start times, frustrating sound checks. We were given a morale boost upon arrival in cute Bellaire for our show at Short’s Brewing Company on Saturday. Three resort hotel rooms were provided for the seven of us, dinner was served before an impeccable sound check, and we were compensated well. Dani and Sara went for a run around the ski runs and golf course before piling in the car and driving to a small town in western Michigan (the palm side, opposite of the thumb) called Fennville. We were treated well again with an incredible farm-to-table meal at Salt of the Earth before providing an enjoyable dinner theater-type performance to enthusiastic yet respectful listeners.

Which brings us to our drive to Ann Arbor and our first day off since arriving in Spooner last Tuesday. Tonight we play at The Ark. Danjacquiandsara were surprised to learn that The Ark will have musicians such as The Milk Carton Kids, Anais Mitchell, and the Avett Brothers soon gracing the same stage we’ll stand on tonight. What fun!

The leaves here are incredible. Off to Ohio and points east tomorrow. Ithaca for Halloween with Elliot Wells.

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