From Pinckney to Philly

Last we met was at a tea house in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since that time, nearly two weeks ago, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania have happened to the Patchy caravan.

Danjacquiandsara spent a fun two nights with couch surfing hosts Beth and Max. We ate of good food, shared in good stories, and played games like: “Guess the Repairman’s Name” and “How Many Catnip Mice Can Sara Find in her Bed?” and “How Did You Get the Shower to Work?” It was a quirky, laughter-filled stay, and we left feeling like we had made great new friends. Shows were played in Ann Arbor, Columbus, and Pinckney, a small down in eastern Michigan. The Pinckney show was at a palace-like B&B called Sunset Cove. We took princess baths in our gargantuan suites.

Our first stop in central New York was with Allison and Trevor Whiting at their home in the pastures outside of Victor. Nearly sixty highly attentive yet memorably enthusiastic and slightly intoxicated adults provided an incredibly warm welcome to NY. Halloween was spent in Ithaca, kicked off with a downtown Harry Potter party (legitimate) and completed with Ghostbusters, snuggling, and brownies.

The next part of the tour was perhaps one of the more challenging stretches. We played two shows in a row to fewer than ten people each (an organic beauty salon in Little Falls and a parlor show at Elliot Wells’ apartment in downtown Ithaca). When you’re deep in tour you begin to require dedicated audience participation and substantial, excited listeners to keep up the excitement, motivation, good cheer, and creativity. We were supplied two such shows on Thursday and Friday of last week, the first at the Kirkland Art Center in Clinton and the second at The Nelson Odeon in Cazenovia, both quaint college hamlets somewhat near Utica and Syracuse, respectively. We were fed, appreciated, and applauded well both evenings.

The end of this segment found ourselves in Downingtown, PA, home to Dan, Jacqui, and Dani. We arrived at the Sherrills’ on Saturday to relax, hot tub, eat, and prepare for our house show in Dan’s own childhood home. The audience and entire eve were both exceptional. Sunday was spent visiting such important sites as the home of the now-famous Mrs. Henry and neighbors Becky and Jeff’s fairy sanctuary and magical elven home with thirty wooden flutes, a beautiful piano, and all sorts of whimsical instruments to bang, pound, smack, and blow. Dan, Sara, Ian, and Dani got out a few weeks of tour stress by improvising fascinating renditions of on-the-spot originals (“We’re in the Garden” led by Dan Sherrill) and old favorites (“Rye Fiddle Sticks” on piano two hands and piccolo Native American flute). Sunday evening was spent at the Sprout Music Collective in West Chester with Pennsylvanian family and friends. Art Aubert finished the show off with a tender speech and roses for the three Patchy women and Eowyn.

Lora Reehling and Brian Swift surprised Sara at the Sprout show! They all immediately decided that Sara would come to Philly that eve to spend the night and following day to explore and connect. Sara woke up to cuddle with Leroy the sleek tom cat before falling asleep for a few more hours.

Sara and Lora spent Monday drinking coffee on the back patio before biking to Old Town Philly and eating a leisurely lunch. Total girl time for hours. Ethiopian food with Brian is on the horizon.

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