Three years

I’m in Alaska right now, enjoying the cold and the snow and the spruce. I suddenly felt called to work on my dear Positive Affirmations and saw a notice that it has been three years since I started this project.

I remember the night well: it was 2013 and I was living with my then-boyfriend Henry. He was working on nursing school homework in the living room and I was in our bed, reading. As so often happens with me, inspiration excitedly dropped in without warning. I envisioned a way to uplift women (and men) through poems, journal entries, quotes, inspiring books, and stories of strong women. I wanted to channel the life experiences I hold as a woman into words that could uplift others. Although I go in and out of writing regularly, I feel proud of what I’ve put together so far. I’ve had many women (and men) approach me with gratitude for what I’ve shared. Acting as an open book helps to heal myself. Vulnerability brings in the goodness and authentic connection.

A lot has changed in three years. My relationship with Henry has transformed into a dear friendship. I joined Patchy Sanders and traveled around the country. More ink has been carved into my body. I decided to move back to Alaska and apply for grad school in biological sciences. I took hallucinogens for the first time. I sat Vipassana again. However, I feel like I’m exploring the same themes as I was three years ago: how to cultivate self-love, the importance of friendships, forgiving yourself, Spirit, and vulnerability. These are common themes in our experiences as women (…and men) and they deserve to feel the sun on their faces.

I’d like to continue challenging myself to bring my ideas and pondering forth in the most beautiful, articulate way possible and to touch the most hearts. Thank you for reading.



  1. Thank you for sharing your Inner Journey. It is so beautiful to read, experience and be humbled by. I appreciate you so much miss Sara.

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