Doing the small things

For me, anxiety feels like

tight stomach
holding on tight
curling up small.

Jason says I have to keep doing the small things. Little does he know I made a list last week of self-care actions I can do when I feel overwhelmed:

Deep breathing.
Be selective in which thoughts I invest in.
Speak my truth carefully; sometimes it’s not the right time for vulnerability (Note: Yes, I really do use semicolons in my journal).
Rejoice when I remember it won’t last.
Tell a friend.
Take care of my skin (mask, lotion, wash).
Smell Junie’s fur and cuddle her.
Clean and tidy my space.
Drink water or make tea.
Just be.

Today I chose to Just be. Junie was with me, and I texted a friend to hear her loving words of empathy and wisdom.

The same evening I wrote my overwhelmed self-care list, I wrote, “Tomorrow is a new day.” Even amidst global uncertainty, I experience beauty every day: Children on walks with their parents. Encouraging signs in the windows of local businesses. Gardening. News stories about landlords forgiving rent until people go back to work. Community members supporting the elderly. Free music broadcasts. Video chat parties with friends that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

I look forwarding to noticing what beauty tomorrow brings.

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