Who I support

Looking for donation inspiration? Here’s my list of monthly donees:

Vipassana Meditation. I sat my first 10-day, silent meditation course in England, winter of 2010. Meditators who found the course beneficial are encouraged to donate, which I’ve done for several years. Donations support infrastructure and course meals. All teachers and assistants at the course sites are volunteers; not a single person is paid anything for supporting Vipassana meditators. Note: Only “old students” (those who have sat at least one 10-day course) can donate.

Wikipedia. I gave into their requests for donations, although it was a no-brainer: I use Wikipedia literally every day. I feel more justified in browsing their incredible knowledge base because I give them a tiny monthly sum.

RadioLab. Although I regularly listen to several podcasts, RadioLab is my #1 go-to. I first heard RadioLab when my brother Aaron and I were driving up from Washington to Alaska in 2016. I was quickly hooked. They are putting out some great coronavirus dispatches right now (e.g. Every Day is Ignaz Semmelweis Day).

Ashland Folk Collective. This organization grew from the minds and hearts of my dear friends (and former band mates) Jacqui Aubert and Dan Sherrill. I am so impressed with how quickly their project has grown! They and the AFC are gems of the Ashland community.

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