A little about me.

My name is Sara Wilbur.

I was born from love and in love with nature and music. Strong women have held my hand through beautiful and difficult times. I believe that creatively, positively affirming women can have extraordinary impacts on their moments, days, years, and lives.

I play violin. I pursue many other activities as well (bicycling, hiking, cooking, baking, community engagement, amateur-level painting, backcountry skiing, etc.), but music has especially swept me up in her arms and shown me new ways to hear and connect with the world.

In August 2019, I finished my master’s degree in biology, focusing on hibernation physiology. I am now living in Flagstaff, AZ, pursuing graduate certificates in Science Communication and Suzuki Violin Instruction at Northern Arizona University.

I am a strong advocate for authentic relationships (with men and women), challenging yourself to break down mental barriers to your own happiness, and pursuing a life full of balance and mindfulness.

Thank you for reading and engaging.


  1. I like your blog! Very positive and affirming. Your Grandpa Greiner was an amazing writer, so it’s no surprise to me that you are an exceptional writer; you always have been! I love you and can’t wait to see you perform. Love, your mama

  2. Hi Sara – it’s your Auntie Cindy! I read your most recent post, and only had a small amount of time to scan through your blog…I was touched deeply by your natural abilities as a writer, and the thoughtfulness of your insights into your life and the art of living itself. I am looking forward to future posts, and encourage you to keep on living,
    just as you are; I am very proud to call you my niece.

  3. So…there’s this thing called The Entertainer Blogger Award that I nominated you for here:


    Even if you decide not to “follow the rules” for the award (you rebel!) I just want you to know that I respect you and what you write on your blog.

    Just so you don’t think I’m trying to con you into reading my blog against your wishes, I’m copying what I wrote about you there below:

    Sara of Positive Affirmations for Women–Everything she writes teaches me something, whether it be about shame or isolation or awe or Alaska. Everything.

    Thanks for what you do.

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